Explore our current projects in cities across the nation who are working to improve their financial planning and budgeting.

Outcome Budgeting

As Baltimore’s budget director, Andrew Kleine gave on-site training on Outcome Budgeting to the cities of Los Angeles, Atlanta and Seattle and also consulted Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, and several other cities.

Alameda County Health Care Services Agency

With partners Clear Impact and Operational Performance Solutions, we will be training HCSA staff on how to use Lean to improve service delivery.

Montgomery County Public Schools

Andrew Kleine Consulting is reviewing MCPS’ strategic plan with an eye toward making it simpler, more outcome-focused and more accountable.

Norristown, Pennsylvania

With our partner the National Resource Network, we are working with Norristown on a long-term financial plan to improve community and economic development.

San Jose, California

With our partner Results for America, we are helping San Jose re-purpose funds to achieve better outcomes for children.

Savannah, Georgia

Together with the National Resource Network, we are helping Savannah develop a long-term financial plan to address budget shortfalls and reduce poverty.