We help local governments manage their resources, deliver services efficiently, and achieve better outcomes for communities.

Budgeting for Outcomes

For organizations that need to get better results from their resources, we can help transform your budget process so that it starts with your goals for future instead of how you spent your money last year. Budgeting for Outcomes will engage your employees and residents in conversations about how to get more value from all of your available dollars, not just incremental revenue. In years of surplus and deficit, it makes budget choices clear and uses performance data and priorities to drive decisions. Here is a case study from Results for America about Baltimore’s success with Outcome Budgeting.

Performance Management

We can help clients establish goals – for large populations or individual programs – measure success, plan for performance improvement, and monitor progress, all in a continuous cycle. We believe that for an organization to achieve peak performance, it needs to integrate strategic planning, budgeting, and accountability. Andrew’s “OutcomeStat” initiative was a model for local governments in how to make this happen.  For more about what we call “Turn the Curve” performance planning, here’s a primer from our partners at Clear Impact.

Business Process Improvement

We love making business processes more efficient and customer friendly. We can help you use Lean techniques to map underperforming processes, find waste, and implement changes quickly. Whether it’s cutting wait times for job placement services, getting HVAC repairs done faster, or improving fire inspector productivity, Lean leverage the expertise of the people actually doing the work. Check out this video about one of Baltimore’s Lean success stories.

Long-term Financial Planning

We help clients set financial goals, forecast revenues and costs, develop and prioritize strategies, make decisions, and communicate with the community. State and local governments need multi-year fiscal plans to ensure sustainability and achieve their goals in an uncertain economy. Andrew led Baltimore’s successful “Change to Grow” ten-year financial plan, which you can read about here.

Innovative Financing

We can help you structure Pay for Success investments that scale up evidence-based interventions and ensure government pays only for positive outcomes. With our partner Quantified Ventures, Pay for Success leverages private and philanthropic investment to improve social outcomes ranging from early childhood education to homelessness to recidivism.

Financial Policy Review

We can help you write and implement best practice policies tailored to your organization’s needs, including structural budget balance, reserves, and more. Andrew served for six years on the Government Finance Officers Association’s Budget and Fiscal Policy Committee, which wrote best practice policies for local governments. For state and local governments, fiscal sustainability starts with sound policies on structural budget balance, reserves, volatile revenues, debt management, and more.

Community Engagement

With our partner Balancing Act, we can help clients engage their communities in fun and meaningful ways.  Instead of the traditional open-mike town hall meeting, our engagements have residents rolling up their sleeves and solving problems.